Drought conditions worsen; low water status hits Level 2

Conditions at the Crysler Dam on July 1.
Conditions at the Crysler Dam on July 1.

Conditions at the Crysler Dam on July 1.

NATION VALLEY — With the continued lack of rainfall across the South Nation Conservation (SNC) jurisdiction, the SNC Water Response Team has moved the drought conditions from minor (Level 1 low water) to moderate (Level 2) levels, effective July 7.

Since issuing a minor drought warning at the end of May, SNC has not seen conditions improve over the last month, says the organization in a press release.

Little rainfall received in June has been sporadic and not enough to improve soil moisture, creeks and groundwater. Environment Canada climate stations in Cornwall, Ottawa, and Brockville, indicated less than 60 per cent of normal precipitation in the last three months.

SNC continues to receive reports of dry wells from residents across the jurisdiction. Many small streams are beginning to dry up increasing algae growth, with longtime residents
reporting water levels lower than they’ve ever seen in June.

Agricultural representatives on the Water Response Team noted that they are already seeing impacts of drought conditions on crop yields. Prolonged drought conditions can also adversely affect tree health and newly planted seedlings.

SNC advises that residents, businesses and other industries throughout the jurisdiction can help by reducing their water consumption by 20 per cent, and limiting non-essential uses such as lawn watering and car washing. Landowners should be aware of their municipality’s water and fire By-laws.

SNC’s Water Response Team, created under the Ontario Low Water Response program, consists of representatives from provincial and municipal governments, agriculture and other special interest groups. SNC will continue to monitor watershed conditions and will provide updates as required.

Landowners, businesses, and industries are encouraged to contact SNC if they are experiencing any unusual water-related problems.


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