Cameron Morehouse new SD Director of Fire & Emergency Services

New Director of Fire & Emergency Services for South Dundas, Cameron Morehouse, starts Aug. 22.

MORRISBURG — The Municipality of South Dundas has filled its vacant fire chief position with a new hire and a tweaked job title.

Cameron Morehouse becomes South Dundas’s Director of Fire & Emergency Services on Aug. 22, Mayor Evonne Delegarde announced at the July 19 council meeting. Morehouse replaces the municipality’s first-ever professional fire chief, Chris McDonough, who resigned last February after five years in the role.

“Mr. Morehouse will bring a wealth of experience to the position of Director of Fire & Emergency Services and we look forward to welcoming him to South Dundas,” said Delegarde.

Most recently serving as the Township of Lanark Highlands fire chief, he held the same rank in Bonnechere Valley and was a deputy fire chief in Augusta Township.

A member of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs and the Ontario Municipal Fire Prevention Officers Association, the new director commented in a South Dundas press release:  “I look forward to working with Council, members of South Dundas Fire & Emergency Services and all staff to protect the health and well-being of residents. I am also looking forward to continuing the positive fire prevention initiatives being done in the municipality.”

It was not immediately clear if Morehouse will technically hold a rank within the amalgamated South Dundas Fire Department, or be eligible to wear the formal uniform of firefighting brass.

His predecessor, McDonough, has since been hired on as chief and director of fire rescue services in the Municipality Central Elgin, starting Aug. 2.

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