Aerial corn spraying in North Stormont

Photographed just west of Finch, the aerial-spraying helicopter flies back to the refilling station.. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

FINCH — A helicopter was busily spraying corn  fields west of Finch on Sun., July 24.  

Not to be confused with sight-seeing choppers that circled over nearby Chesterville during Farmer John’s annual summer bash on Saturday night, Sunday’s bird was all work and no play.

With outstretched booms, the machine travelled just a few feet above a tasseled corn field on the north side of County Rd. 43. Nearing the end of a run,  the whirlybird would quickly swoop upward, make a tight roll, then dive down in the desired opposite direction. But after only four or five minutes and perhaps a couple of kilometres travelled above the expansive crop, the chopper would rise and head back over 43, to a temporary refilling station in a pasture just south of Rutters Elevators. Back and forth it went, from field to station and back again.

While more common than it used to be, aerial spraying of corn with fungicide still ranks as something of a novelty to see locally. A reader even tipped off Nation Valley News with what they believed was police helicopter activity.

See the video below of the aerial action.

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