Kittens find new homes after rescue from dump

These three kittens were found inside a locked toolbox at the Municipality of South Dundas landfill site on Seibert Rd. (Matilda dump.) Courtesy photo

Nelson Zandbergen
Nation Valley News

BRINSTON —  The dog days of summer got off to a very rough start for three kittens rescued from a South Dundas dump in the nick of time.

Two days after their discovery inside a sweltering, latched toolbox, the young felines were reported to be thriving in new homes, albeit a couple of points down on their nine lives.

Their deliverance came when an employee of the Matilda landfill “went to the steel pile and saw a box fall over” around 10 a.m., said Judy Amo, a Brinston-area dog groomer and cat-boarding ‘hotel’ operator who wound up taking the furry guests at the landfill’s behest. “When he opened it, he saw three kittens,” added Amo.  “They were pretty dehydrated when they found them.”

By July 8, when contacted by Nation Valley News, Amo and Ian Leverette, residents of South Branch Road, had already located individual new homes for the two-month-old cats, one black, the other two a mixture of white-and-black. “We put  it up on our Facebook page. It didn’t take long,” she said. One of the pets now lives in the nation’s capital.

The box cruelly enclosing the kittens may have been dropped off at the dump earlier on the same morning of their discovery, “or it could have been the night before,” she estimated. “And you know how hot it was.”

The high temperature July 5-6 exceeded 31°C both days, according to Environment Canada.

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