South Dundas touts improved 401 signage

SOUTH DUNDAS — Those travelling along Highway 401 in South Dundas will now be greeted by four new signs highlighting the area.

Two Municipal Decorative Signs — one westbound in Morrisburg, one eastbound in Iroquois — and two Enhanced Boundary Signs now identify the community in a prominent way.

Municipal Decorative Signs

The last Municipal Decorative Signs erected to identify the Villages of Morrisburg and Iroquois were installed shortly after amalgamation. The new signs now feature the same style of branding as the Hamlet Signs erected in 2013.

The installation of the Municipal Decorative Signs is only one phase of the project, with Council and staff looking at various beautifications options like shrubs or brick-work for next summer.

Enhanced Boundary Signs

The Enhanced Boundary Signs identify when someone is entering the South Dundas border and the number of interchanges available.

The installation of these new Enhanced Boundary Signs puts South Dundas on the map and helps to identify and promote the Municipality along Highway 401.

On a yearly basis, over six million vehicles pass through the municipality, according to MTO information provided by South Dundas. The signs are touted as “another excellent way to market our region,” the municipality says in a press release.

This is the first time South Dundas has participated in the Enhanced Boundary Signs program, and is the only Municipality between Brockville and Cornwall to do so.

“We’re always looking at ways to improve our community’s presence along the 401 corridor,” said Mayor Evonne Delegarde. “These new signs are a step in welcoming visitors and businesses and establishing South Dundas’ identity.”


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