Morewood Recreation Association revives as Community Centre project nears completion; Aug. 31 official opening event

The Morewood Community Centre is looking better after substantial fixes. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

MOREWOOD — While it may be slated to lose its library branch, Morewood has successfully rallied to save its neighbouring village hall.

The desperately needed repairs are now nearing completion at the Morewood Community Centre.


Earlier this year, the dilapidated and leaking roof at the municipally-owned building led North Dundas Township Council to weigh the possibility of demolition in light of a $120,000 estimate to make roof repairs alone. But that was headed off as Morewood firefighters, based in the hamlet’s fire hall next door, rallied with their contractor chief, Ken Byers, to undertake the necessary fixes at a more palatable price.

A special Aug. 31 official opening event is planned.

But in the meantime, residents are already benefiting from the improved facilities.

“They’ve already had one wedding reception, a funeral reception and a birthday party,” said Debbie Courneyea of the Morewood Recreation Association, an organization newly revived now that the Centre has been saved from the wrecking ball. She pointed out that many of the firefighters contributed free labour to the overhaul of the facility.

A new steel roof was already installed and the structure awaited only new siding on the walls when Courneyea spoke with Nation Valley News this week.

In an email, North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan said the work represented “a significant investment of township funds, but we had a great partnership with Byers Carpentry Inc. and other local volunteers who donated a lot of their labour for parts of the renovations.”

The mayor says that township officials will be coming forward with a formal price tag on what’s been accomplished in Morewood.

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