MPP McDonell launches petition on skyrocketing Hydro rates

S-D-SG MPP Jim McDonell. Nation Valley News file photo

CORNWALL – Local MPP Jim McDonell is calling on the Ontario government to take immediate action on the skyrocketing cost of electricity in Ontario.

“I have launched a petition calling upon the Liberal Government to come to their senses and stop their failed energy policies that have driven electricity costs to unaffordable levels, forcing many Ontarians to choose whether to heat their homes or buy food for the family table” McDonell stated in a press release announcing the petition. “Ontarians’ electricity bills are completely out of proportion to the wholesale cost of electricity, which has reached as low as six-tenths of a cent per kilowatt-hour this year. Additional charges such as the Global Adjustment, outrageous delivery charges, taxes and a culture of runaway waste and over-generous executive compensation at Hydro One contribute to inflating our bills to almost thirty times that amount. My constituents are justified in calling this nothing short of highway robbery”.

“Even the most stubborn supporter of the Liberals’ failed energy policies over the past decade must realize that the people of Ontario have had enough,” the MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry added. “The Liberals took over an electricity system that was delivering plentiful, affordable energy to residents and businesses, and attracting jobs to Ontario. They destroyed this advantage despite years of growing evidence that their ill-conceived policies, imposed against the advice of experts in the field, were making energy less and less affordable for all Ontarians. This must stop.”

McDonell encourages constituents to send a “strong message” to the Minister of Energy by signing his petition at

“Enough is enough, Ontario’s residents and businesses must be heard” he concluded.

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