Fisher officially implicated in death of 200-lb bull calf

A stuffed fisher under glass at the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary Visitors' Centre, near Morrisburg. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Nelson Zandbergen
Nation Valley News

NORTH DUNDAS — A fisher killed a 200-lb bull calf at a rural property outside South Mountain, according to the local municipality’s official finding on the  bovine’s gruesome demise.

The fisher more often makes headlines for preying on domestic cats.


But in this case, the fierce member of the wiesel family has been blamed for the dead Angus discovered June 5 in a pool of blood at the Boundary Rd. address. North Dundas Township livestock valuer William Toll formally investigated the scene.

The valuer is called in to verify losses when livestock are killed by wildlife — usually coyotes and wolves — allowing the farmer to receive compensation through a long-standing government program.

Toll wrote “fisher” as the responsible predator on the resulting report form filed with the township and approved by council Aug. 9.  

A livestock kill involving a fisher was a first for the valuer. “No I have never seen one before,” he wrote in an email to Nation Valley News, “but the calf was laying right by a wooded section by a small creek, the only mark on the calf was his rectum was eaten out and was in a pool of blood …”

The affected farmer was awarded $843.75 for the loss.

The remaining herd of 20 cattle would be moved closer to the barn to decrease the risk of further predation, according to Toll’s report.


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