Greasy pig contest cancelled

A still taken from a 2014 YouTube video of the Greasy Pig contest at South Mountain Fair.

SOUTH MOUNTAIN — Hogtown has succeeded in having South Mountain Fair drop the greasy pig contest from tomorrow’s scheduled activities.

Apparent fallout of a social media campaign and online petition promoted by Toronto Pig Save, the Mountain Township Agricultural Society has decided against staging the Saturday afternoon spectacle.  The Toronto group celebrated the victory on their Facebook page, as did the Ottawa Animal Defense League. The latter organization has now called off a planned a protest at the Fair as well.

The online petition at decries the South Mountain event as one in which “screaming children are encouraged to chase down pigs in a pen. Terrorizing these animals should not be considered entertainment; it is an archaic practice that should stay in the past!”

Petitioners are encouraged to contact Ag Society President Paul Allan by telephone and email.

It’s reported the campaign may have led the Ontario government to pressure fair organizers to put the kibosh on the greasy pig contest. Nation Valley News continues to investigate.

Contrary to its name, the contest never involved grease or adult pigs. Instead, participating children put lotion on their hands and try to catch scurrying piglets in a small enclosed area. The winner is the first to drag a piglet into a hula-hoop circle — two of the animal’s feet to be precise. It’s been a popular event for young families and spectators at the fair since its introduction within the last decade.




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