Burn bans gradually being extinguished

File photo of an open-air fire in Dundas County during the summer of 2016. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

MORRISBURG — Open-air burn bans in place for much of this hot, dry summer are gradually being extinguished in the wake of recent downpours of rain around the region.

The Municipality of South Dundas partially lifted its burn ban today, allowing only recreational fires to resume. A ban remains in place for agricultural and brush burns in South Dundas.

Neighbouring North Dundas Township’s ban has yet to be lifted, although a decision appears imminent as the City of Ottawa website is now signalling the all-clear for outdoor fires. North Dundas follows the city’s lead on when to impose and remove such restrictions. However, Deputy Chief Bruce Casselman of the Chesterville Fire Station said he had yet to hear if North Dundas would be following suit in this case.

Meanwhile, the townships of South Stormont and North Stormont have both lifted their outdoor fire bans, on Aug. 17 and Aug. 16, respectively.

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