Developer proposes biggest-ever subdivision in South Dundas: Dutch Meadows

This Google Maps satellite image shows the planned site of South Dundas's biggest-ever planned subdivision, west of Steward Drive and south of County Rd. 2. ©Google

Nelson Zandbergen
Nation Valley News

SOUTH DUNDAS — A $60-million, 200-home subdivision on the western outskirts of Morrisburg is planned by Iroquois-based developer Swank Construction Ltd., which hopes to break ground in summer 2018.

In a brief presentation at the Sept. 6 South Dundas Council meeting, company principals went public with the project and revealed the name of the proposed development as “Dutch Meadows.”

Now working on completing its fifth and sixth subdivisions in the Iroquois area, Dutch Meadows represents a new Morrisburg beachhead for the family firm. “We’re heading east from Iroquois,” Henry Swank happily declared.

South Dundas Mayor Evonne Delegarde enthuses about the proposed Dutch Meadows subdivision, with an image of the planned development on the big screen behind her. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

South Dundas Mayor Evonne Delegarde enthuses about the proposed Dutch Meadows subdivision, with an image of the planned development on the big screen behind her. Update: The image also indicates Dutch-themed street names within the subdivision, including Amsterdam Drive, Arnhem Avenue, Rotterdam Way, and Delph Street.   Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Accompanied by his younger brother, Ron, and nephews Devin and Jesse, the elder Swank said they recently made an agreement to purchase the 54-acre subject property from the Van Der Zweep family.

A series of fields at the present time, the site is located west of Steward Drive on the south side of County Rd. 2. Access is currently possible from the county road “with future access from Steward Drive,” he pointed out. “And it has a walking path of sorts to Lakeshore Drive.”

The project will rely on municipal water and sewer services, which will require an upgraded pumping station on Merkley Street in Morrisburg. Development will proceed over four phases, each taking four to five years to complete, and each involving construction of semi-detached dwellings, senior bungalows and regular homes, council heard.

“In all, this proposal will allow us to bring in approximately 200 new families” to the municipality, said Ron Swank, who highlighted the project’s employment opportunities, increased property-tax base and greater usage of the municipality’s water and sewer treatment plants.

As demand dictates, the developers also plan to erect three “affordable” condominium buildings, each four to five stories in height including first-level parking, said Swank.

They hope to have necessary severances and zoning changes out of the way by the end of the year, allowing them to start the subdivision approval process at the beginning of January. “With your approval and cooperation, it is hoped we can break ground in the summer of 2018,” he advised council.

Fellow Iroquoian Evonne Delegarde, mayor of South Dundas, lauded the Swank delegation for their “huge announcement” and acknowledged the firm’s contributions to the community for “well over 50 years now.”

“Almost 60,” Henry Swank piped up.

Born to Dutch immigrants herself — like the Swank brothers — the mayor acknowledged her attachment to the Dutch Meadows moniker and said it was the single largest subdivision proposed in the municipality. South Dundas coffers will reap approximately $280,000 more in annual taxes plus $233,000 in additional water and sewer charges when the project is finished. “We’re very excited about this project as well,” the mayor said.

“We’re committed to enhancing economic development in South Dundas and continuing to attract development in our community,” Delegarde added.

Council had been aware that Swank Construction was exploring the feasibility of such a project with municipal staff for the last couple of months.

“I’m pleased you’ve really got to the stage where you could make a public announcement,” said Deputy Mayor Jim Locke to the Swanks. “It’s great news for Morrisburg and great news for South Dundas.”

“This is exciting for us, and it’s exciting for you guys as well,” observed Councillor Marc St. Pierre.

This article was edited to correct the first name of the elder Swank brother.


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