North Dundas business stakeholder consultations on Sept. 19

WINCHESTER — The Township of North Dundas convenes a key information gathering session for businesses and other groups located in the municipality this Monday, Sept. 19.

In the process of updating the township’s 2012 Economic Development Strategic Plan, North Dundas is “piggybacking” on a similar effort of the United Counties of SD&G, which is carrying out a refresh of its own regional plan.

Consultants from Millier Dickinson Blais will conduct the meeting on behalf of both organizations, starting 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 636 St. Lawrence Street.

North Dundas Economic Development Officer Anne Leduc says the aim of the joint consultation is to identify priorities on how to strengthen, grow and diversify both the regional and local township economy.

While the meeting is open to the public to watch, she says that only North Dundas-based businesses and groups have been invited to take part in the actual discussion. Opinions are required exclusively from within the township, she explains, because “this is a North Dundas strategic plan.” The United Counties and the township will end up with separate “standalone” plans at the end of the process, but with expected “synergies” identified between the tiers of municipal government.

On Leduc’s recommendation, North Dundas budgeted $5,000 for its contribution toward the hiring of the consulting firm in cooperation with the counties. However, the local economic development officer hopes to offset this by landing a grant through the Eastern Ontario Development Fund.


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