Festival full house at Winchester’s Old Town Hall

Sheesham and Lotus & 'Son perform at Winchester's Old Town Hall, Sept. 22. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Nelson Zandbergen
Nation Valley News

WINCHESTER — Sheesham and Lotus & ‘Son brought their spellbinding brand of theatrical jazzy music to a full house at Winchester’s Old Town Hall last Thursday night. Who knew that three guys — looking as though they had stepped out of Gasoline Alley comic strip — could combine so many sounds at once?

Also well received were local musicians Box n’ Bow who opened for the seasoned professionals in their first live performance.

The Old Town Hall was selected as one of several venues in Ontario’s Festival of Small Halls series.

Ann Brady of the North Dundas said it was an “incredible” show. In the grand finale, the headliners walked off stage and back down through the audience stairway while playing . “One audience lost his head totally cupped inside the sousaphone for a minute of up-close music,” Brady reported.

Video clips of the Sept. 22 performances by Box n’ Bow and Sheesham and Lotus & ‘Son appear below.


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