Help SNC plant some trees

South Nation Conservation headquarters in Finch. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

RUSSELL — South Nation Conservation (SNC) is looking for volunteers to plant trees for half a day as part of a North Castor River rehabilitation project coming up this fall.

Tree planting will take place Oct. 4 at 10 a.m. along the shoreline to increase riparian habitat and stream shading and will occur in the Cooper Hill Road area, Metcalfe.  Volunteers can pre-register with SNC’s Science and Research Assistant, Brent Harbers, at or 877-984-2948 ext. 298.

With funding provided through the City of Ottawa Water Environment Strategy, the project also involves the removal of two abandoned river crossings identified last year by SNC staff as part of the City Stream Watch Program.

“Since the crossings are no longer functioning as once designed, they’re reducing water flows,” explained Brent Harbers, SNC Science and Research Assistant. “That causes water to pool, acting as sediment traps and barriers to fish migration.”

SNC staff, landowners and volunteers will collaborate in removing the two crossings. Riffle sections where water is oxygenated will be restored at the two locations.

“Removal of the crossings will increase maximum uninterrupted flows in the North Castor River from 1.7 km to more than 3.5 km,” Harbers noted.

The project will contribute to the overall health of the North Castor River and of watercourses downstream. This type of work is typical and often undertaken by SNC staff and partners in the SNC jurisdiction which extends from Plantagenet to north of Brockville.

Over the years, other projects have included dredging, dam and weir improvements, shoreline reinforcement and buffering, and widespread reforestation.

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