Stormont County Match plows ahead despite soggy conditions

Stormont County Plowmen's Association President and Queen of the Furrow Alyssa Waldroff, at the Oct. 8 Stormont County Plowing Match. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Nelson Zandbergen
Nation  Valley News

FINCH — What’s a little autumn rain to an old-fashioned farmer hunched up behind the wheel of a vintage tractor without a cab or — better yet — leaning hard on the handles of a horse-drawn plow?

Even as the skies poured some much needed moisture on the area, the weathered participants plowed ahead with the first field competition in Stormont County since last year’s big International Plowing Match (IPM). The Stormont County Plowing Match went on hiatus in 2015 as the Stormont County Plowmen’s Association focused its energy on hosting that major event. The local 2016 edition resumed this weekend, Oct. 8, in a field off County Rd. 43, near Fife Agricultural Services.

It was a day of rubber boots and quick photo ops by visiting VIPs who briefly took turns making a furrow for the camera. Nobody slipped and fell in the mud on their way to the tractor. See the image gallery below.



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