‘Precarious position’ for trustee Armer and his UCDSB colleagues

The Editor:

I’ve read in The Vancouver Sun about the recent firing of Vancouver school board trustees by the Liberal BC government.  In our own plight to keep Seaway District High School open I have found myself questioning why our own trustee, Jeremy Armer, refuses to vote as a representative of his constituents.

I believe board members are in incredibly precarious positions trying to balance their voters’ wants with what the provincial government is dictating they do.  I use the word ‘dictating’ in light of the fact that a provincial government is at liberty to fire an entire board of trustees if that board fights back on behalf of voters.

The message that the BC government’s move is sending to other trustees across this country is deeply troubling.  They fired an entire board of trustees because that board acted on behalf of its constituents by refusing to agree to close local schools.

I now understand completely why Jeremy Armer won’t represent us.  Now I just don’t understand how this is allowed to happen in our proudly democratic society.

Sandra Cummins
Alternative ARC member for Seaway District High School
South Dundas

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