Wynne could cancel Nation Rise Wind Farm for only $600K, says Wind Concerns Ontario

Re: North Stormont wind farm meeting tonight

The Editor:

Premier Wynne’s comments to your writer on the subject of the $430-million contract for the “Nation Rise” wind power project by Portugal-based EDP Renewables were disingenuous and even outright misleading.

Premier Wynne said that despite the announcement further wind power contracts are on hold due to a surplus of power in Ontario, the Nation Rise process has to go ahead because “I can’t interrupt that process.”

This is false: The contracts let earlier this year have a cancellation clause which allows the Ontario government to change its mind and pay the power developer a relatively small amount. In the case of Nation Rise, the amount would be $600,000 to avoid paying over $400 million to the developer over 20 years.

Her reference to St. Albert Cheese was also a deliberate misdirection; the truth is, businesses need a steady, reliable source of power to operate. That isn’t wind power, which is produced out of phase with demand.

Premier Wynne insulted the people of Ontario when she called us “bad actors” earlier this month; it is clear she thinks we are all stupid, too.

Jane Wilson

North Gower

President, Wind Concerns Ontario



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