Flood risk mapping subject of public open house next month

METCALFE — Extreme weather makes the news frequently.  Locally, South Nation Conservation (SNC) reduces risk to life and damage to property by providing local municipalities and the public advance notice of potential flooding.

Flood forecasting responds to weather events experienced in a watershed and compares them over time.  Flood forecasting and warning is an important response to intense precipitation events.

In addition to flood forecasting, SNC is one of three Eastern Ontario Conservation Authorities currently updating and improving flood risk maps for the City of Ottawa.  The other two authorities are Rideau Valley and Mississippi Valley. Each of the three is working on maps in sections of the City contained within their respective jurisdictions.

In SNC’s case, the focus has been on Cassidy Creek from the 8th Line Road and Pana Road intersection to the confluence at the Middle Castor River; Greys Creek from Mitch Owens Road to Snake Island Road; and McCooeye Creek from the intersection of John Quinn Road and Cooper Hill Road to the 8th Line Road and Pana Road intersection.

A public open house is planned for local residents to comment on the new flood risk maps. It will be hosted Dec. 1 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Metcalfe Community Centre.

“South Nation is particularly interested in historical information that residents may be able to provide for these watercourses,” said Sandra Mancini, SNC Senior Water Resources Engineer.  Mancini invites residents to bring in photos, news clippings, and anecdotal stories to help confirm and compare to flood risk maps.

The mapping will be used by the City and SNC when updating official plans and zoning schedules, and in reviewing other Planning Act applications.  “The ultimate goal of the mapping is to help ensure that sound planning decisions are made,” Mancini observed. “It’s all about keeping people and property safe.”

Staff from the Conservation Authority will be on hand at the public open house to respond to any questions and concerns from property owners and residents.

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