Exercise caution to reduce car-deer collisions, say police; advice also offered to hunters

Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

SD&G — The SD&G OPP are reminding motorists of the dangers of wildlife on roadways this time of year. More movement in the deer population results in the creatures being near and crossing roadways in rural areas.

Police advise some simple driving techniques to reduce the chance of being involved in a collision:

  • Be extra vigilant during morning and evening commutes as visibility is reduced and wildlife are more active, and reduce speed accordingly;
  • Be aware of signage in areas known for deer crossing;
  • Deer seldom run alone — if you see one, chances are there will be more;
  • When safe to do so, use high beams when driving at night and scan the ditch area;
  • If you need to avoid deer on roadways, do not swerve, brake firmly and stay in your lane so not to lose control of your vehicle;
  • If you are in a collision with a deer, report it to police.

By being a safe and cautious driver, fewer collisions occur, resulting in a reduction of injuries and lives saved.

Hunter safety

SD&G — The SD&G OPP, in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), are reminding hunters to exercise caution.

Proper handling of firearms and ensuring safety should be a main priority, say police in a press release, also advising hunters to “follow rules and regulations pertaining to current legislation and be respectful of property owners in getting approval to hunt on their land.”

It’s everyone’s responsibility, policy say, “to practice safety and report any incidents observed.”

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