Dundas County Food Bank has a new name — ‘Community Food Share: Serving Dundas & Stormont Counties’

Dundas County Food Bank workers (including Ian McKelvie at left) at the CP Holiday Train's recent appearance in Finch, where the newly renamed organized also runs a community food cupboard. The new name reflect the organization's longstanding involvement in Stormont County. Zandbergen photo

DUNDAS AND STORMONT COUNTIES — The Dundas County Food Bank has begun rebranding itself as Community Food Share: Serving Dundas & Stormont Counties.

Since its inception in the early 90s, the Dundas County Food Bank has been known by its current name. The reality is the organization serves clients within Stormont County as well as Dundas. A need for change was acknowledged in order to reduce the confusion for donors, clients and the community at large.

‘We recognized during a Board strategy meeting last February that a new name should be given serious consideration’, said Board Chair Terry Triskle. ‘The confusion over the name had really become apparent when we worked with North Stormont Township to help organize the CP Holiday Train stop in Finch in November 2015 and when we opened the Finch Food Cupboard earlier this year. The clients we serve and the people who support our work reach beyond Dundas County’.

As the Board considered a number of options, it was agreed that the non-profit organization needed to come up with a new name that focused less on a specific geographic area. Various options were considered before a new name was agreed upon.

‘I thought it was important that, whatever name we chose, it should give us some flexibility so that it didn’t restrict us if we explored new directions’, added Community Food Share Administrator Ian McKelvie. ‘While we are primarily a food bank now, and perhaps we will always continue to be, removing food bank from our formal name means we can go anywhere and do anything that involves food security in our community. That doesn’t necessarily mean people will stop referring to us as the food bank’.

Community Food Share will continue to operate at locations in Winchester and Morrisburg as well as the Finch Food Cupboard.

The process of changing the name began on December 2 with the rebranding of the web site and Facebook page to include the new name, Community Food Share, and a revised logo. This transition will continue through the rest of the month with changes to print material, signs and updating web links.

The web site can now be found at www.communityfoodshare.ca and the new Facebook page at Community Food Share.



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