New website and alternative logo for North Stormont Township

The new Township of North Stormont logo featured on the municipality's revamped website.

BERWICK — The Township of North Stormont unveiled its new website last Friday (Dec. 1) featuring a ‘new’ alternative logo being used for online purposes.

Standing in for the township’s regular circular logo with pointed arrow tips — which also comes in at least two versions, one silver and another green — the new alternative North Stormont brand identifier is a complete departure and stylized tribute to the municipality’s agricultural roots.

Evoking a raindrop, plants and field into a snazzy swoosh of an image, it earned pretty good reviews when presented to council Nov. 22 — although some of the local politicians were more impressed than others.

“We needed a new logo that would go along with the colours of 2016,” explained Amy Martin, the township’s Economic Development Officer and Planning Director. “For the website and colouring, we needed something that was more appropriate.”

Mayor Dennis Fife went along with council’s consensus to put the new logo on the website, though he expressed some skepticism at the aesthetic change. “I kind of like our original logo. It could just as well be on there, too,” observed Fife, judging the new design to be “just a fad.”

The logo is just the final bit of ornamentation on an otherwise significantly updated website made possible by the township’s new broadband connectivity via Storm Internet Services. In addition to up-to-date postings The interactive site features an online records and council documents management system by iCompass Technologies — a paperless system actually rolled out earlier this fall before the website’s update. Touted for saving administrative staff 20 hours of paper preparation time per meeting, the system also permits publicly searchable access to council agendas, minutes and meeting package documentation via the township’s CivicWeb Portal, also launched earlier this fall.

North Stormont Chief Administrative Officer Marc Chenier also described plans additional apps on the website. The township has previously announced it intends to accept payment from taxpayers via the site, following the recent deal with Storm Internet that brought a robust wireless connection to municipal headquarters in Berwick. That arrangement saw Storm invest $60,000 to install six new wireless towers to blanket the municipality with its service, while the township chipped in $40,000 for its share of the project.



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