Sign of Christmas ready

The new sign, slated for installation on the east wall of Chesterville Community Hall. Courtesy photo

CHESTERVILLE — The crowning jewel of the Chesterville Rotary Club’s village Christmas lighting campaign is ready for installation on the side of the Chesterville community hall building.

Made by Kent and Wayne Young at Industrial Stainless, the lit-up “Merry Christmas” sign is the final piece de resistance of the Yuletide revitalization project, which also saw the Joseph Street firm create 18 LED snowflakes and four stars. A North Dundas Township contractor mounted those units on utility poles around the village centre earlier this month, with each Chesterville church marked by a star instead of a snowflake.

Rotarians Stan and Betty Vanden Bosch spearheaded a fundraising effort that quickly raised the bulk of the cash for the project, to replace older village Christmas decorations that were long past their prime.

Working in conjunction with the township, the initiative also restored functional power outlets on many downtown hydro poles, providing the juice for the brilliant iron snowflakes and stars. When the township upgraded to LED streetlamps a couple of years ago, auxilliary power outlets were cut at the poles because of a code issue. That unexpected development complicated the process of ensuring operational public Christmas lights in both Chesterville and Winchester.

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