Insights and lessons from my faith journey

by Dale Bequette

Looking back 35 years, I sometimes wonder how come it took so long, and is there anyone out there that could benefit from lessons I learned.

Some of the lessons cost me a lot, in pain, effort and time. At times I have had serious set backs, but these were also some of my greatest breakthroughs in learning to live in the world as a christian.

  1. Trust in God to look after you, and that He also has a plan for you.
  2. Pray and talk to God; ask Him about His Son Jesus.
  3. Get to know Jesus intimately and ask Him to take control of your life, the sooner the better! Dive into the bible, the deeper the better.
  4. Receive the Holy Spirit  and let Him guide you in all things.
  5. Find a body of believers to hang out with. Get baptized!
  6. Invest a portion of your time and money into this body of believers.
  7. Be prepared to let go of thoughts, opinions, beliefs and actions that don’t agree with scripture.
  8. Be prepared to let your old self die, it is a process which takes what ever time it takes, it will not happen all at once, you will grieve and even miss your old self.
  9. Nurture the new self (in Christ ), and be amazed as you grow into a new creation,which you could never have imagined.
  10. You should have more and more of peace, joy and contentment.
  11. Notice your life become more steady and sure. Realize that others around you will may be less so.
  12. You will go through stages as you mature and with them trials; don’t be alarmed, you will have help as needed.
  13. Share your story with others. Practice the Jesus way of loving others.
  14. Non Christian family, friends and acquaintance probably won’t get you. They may humour you, ignore you and even become hostile toward you. Don’t be alarmed, it is normal.
  15. Give money, your time and your talents back to your body of believers, or the Bride of Christ. Start small and work your way to a full tithe and more.
  16. Look for blessings to come your way, even in the trouble or trials you face.
  17. Give thanks in all things, even those things that are hurtful or painful.
  18. Christians are not promised an easy life and we will end up sacrificing it, but  we are promised we will have freedom, a life that matters now and in eternity.
  19. Let forgiveness become an essential way of living. Forgive your self also, it in your best interest and every one else’s. Let God look after judgement and punishment.
  20. Be patient, in our instant everything world, it is truly a gift from God.
  21. Ask God for wisdom, it will cost you a lot, but you will never regret the cost, it will guide you through life, it will never let you down or wear out.
  22. The first sign of wisdom is to fear God. Not that you should be scared of God, but that you really try hard to learn his ways and his rules. His word, our bible should always be your main source of information. Realize that it will be a lifelong pursuit best shared with other believers.
  23. Realize SIN has consequences that are not good for your well being or for any body around you. Sin can stop you from becoming who you are meant to be, it can stop you from making a difference in this world and it can effect those that come after you even more. Sin is deadly and can lead to death.
  24. Realize there is evil all around us, and Satan is real. Satan has no power over a Christian, but he can influence and even paralyze us if we let him through our lack of wisdom and trust in God.
  25. Pray and get other sincere Christians to pray with you, especially for the difficult situations where you do not find progress and that tug on your heart.
  26. Live each day to the fullest, prayerfully and with the help of the Holy Spirit. Learn to distinguish the inner voice of the Holy Spirit from the other voices in us and around us.
  27. Learn to trust the Holy Spirit, some things it is telling you to do may not make sense or be counter intuitive and seem risky. Ask for affirmations, take the risk,you will be amazed at outcomes, and you will find yourself in the midst of where God is working. You will see lives around you change for the better and will be privy to God’s amazing creativity.
  28. Realize that living or dying in Christ is a no-lose proposition. We are all going to die in our bodies sooner or later.
  29. 29. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ; it is the hope, it has the life and the truth in it for a world that is dying!


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