New Year’s fireworks remind me of our quality of life going up in smoke

The Editor: 

What amazing fireworks Ottawa gave us on New Year’s!  They did seem to continue such a long time.  How many of us were thinking that these fireworks were at the detriment of us Canadians who all want to live a higher quality lifestyle, not letting it go up in smoke?

We all want to have so much  more than just food to nourish our bodies, and a place to live in which we are proud to live, entertain our friends, and  garden.

So with the New Year, I would remind wealthy powerful politicians  that they can no longer spend our monies in ways not creating a higher quality of life style for us who pay the taxes and us in need. We give monies overseas, why not us?  As well, we don’t want jobs from companies who fire people when they run out of government monies!  From disillusionment we want to bring back  the Canadian Spirit!

We would create jobs for people doing research into how to create better roads to withstand our Canadian winters, for  people researching food additives and are in a position to rid the ones that harm. No matter how much is in our budget for food, please replace what hurts body. What do other countries are do for their peoples that we also could.  (I know there to be at least a better windmill out there.)

Only the very most fortunate have pensions, since companies, not being able to afford pensions and salaries, have taken their business elsewhere leaving us with too many wanting and needing to work.  The middle class, with no ability to find tax loopholes, need to remind those more fortunate that we need people in government to be more responsible with our monies!

Margaret Johnson

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