Crazy hair on Tuesday, ‘give up’ on Friday

by Alexis Henderson
Minister of Communications

On Tuesday, students and staff participate in crazy hair day where they will wear their craziest hairstyles to earn grade points.

Since exams are right around the corner, ‘I’ve given up day’ is on Friday, Jan. 20. To participate, students and staff can dress in comfy attire such as jogging pants and pyjamas. There will also be a Prom fundraiser bake sale at lunch to help lower the cost of this year’s senior Prom tickets.

Secondary exams begin on Thursday, Jan. 26 for period one classes. Period two class exams are on Friday, Jan. 27, followed by period three class exams on Monday, Jan. 30, and finally period four class exams on Tuesday, Jan. 31. If there happens to be a bus cancellation during the scheduled exam days, all remaining exams will be moved back a day but will remain in the same order.

North Dundas DHS will be holding the Intermediate Volleyball UC Cup Qualifier on Friday, Jan. 20. Good luck to everyone participating.

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