Rain brings relief to Kenyan pastor who presents at The Gathering House this Tuesday evening

From left at The Gathering House: Roland and Theresa Poirier of YouFeedThem, and Pastor Silas and Kimberly Owiti-Oduor, who work with the organization in Kenya. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — Raindrops in Kenya brought some relief to the drought-stricken country and an outpouring of happiness at The Gathering House in Chesterville, where a visitor from the African country learned of the welcome development in a mobile text received during a recent Sunday service.

Local Pastor Daniel Rudd immediately acknowledged the good news from visiting pastor Silas Owiti-Oduor, whose church mission oversees schools and related clean-water and community-farming projects in the villages of Yogo and Seje.

Owiti-Oduor — scheduled to make a special public presentation about the initiative at The Gathering 7 p.m. this Tuesday evening (Feb. 7) —  and his wife Canadian wife, Kimberly, have been staying in the area for the past several months. But he will return to Kenya later this month to carry on with the work of the YouFeedThem organization while Kimberly and their son, Ephraim, stay behind for the next while.

YouFeedThem is chaired by Roland Poirier of South Dundas; he and wife, Theresa, are members of The Gathering House. The couple also operate Nutra-Fix, an agricultural supplements company operating in both Canada and the U.S. — also known for a barley-sprouting technology deployed on a few Eastern Ontario dairy farms.

Poirier has visited Owiti-Oduor in Kenya a couple of times to see the achievements in that country firsthand.

Rudd said the congregation has been blessed by its Kenyan connection. “The Gathering House was very pleased to have Pastor Silas and his family with us. They were a great encouragement for the church of what God is doing in other parts of the world. It is always a good thing to be reminded that God works with more than what we might see in our context,” said Rudd.

Owiti-Oduor has also delivered a precursor presentation to the Chesterville congregation, which Theresa Poirier recorded and put into a YouTube video (below). All are welcome to attend the 2 Water Street facility to learn more about the initiative Feb. 7.

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