Morrisburg ice pad to be overhauled in $630,000 project — half funded by province

The Morrisburg Arena

MORRISBURG — The Morrisburg Arena ice pad is in for a $630,000 overhaul — half funded by the province.

South Dundas Council welcomed local MPP Jim McDonell to the Feb. 7 meeting for his announcement of a $315,000 Ontario 150 Community Capital Grant through the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

“I am pleased to see the Ontario Trillium Foundation recognize the importance and support the municipality’s commitment to providing residents with the best opportunity to live an active and healthy lifestyle. This investment will ensure our community continues to provide affordable and high-quality sport programs to all,” said MPP McDonell.

Upgrading the ice pad surface will extend the life of the arena and allow residents of all ages to continue living an active and healthy lifestyle. The new ice pad surface will also allow staff to continue running free and low cost programming, according to the municipality.

“The impact of this Ontario Trillium Foundation grant cannot be overstated,” said Ben Macpherson, Director of Recreation and Facilities. “It will allow for much needed renovations to be completed.”

Municipal taxpayers previously invested hundreds of thousands of capital dollars into the arena during the first term of the then-new South Dundas Council, when the entire wooden roof structure and dasher boards were replaced. The old wooden rafters were discovered to be at risk of collapse at the time, triggering the major overhaul.

But that turn-of-the-century project may not have addressed the aging concrete pad underfoot.

The upcoming revamp in Morrisburg comes after neighbouring North Dundas and North Stormont were more recently compelled to tear out and replace old ice-surface concrete — with leaky embedded chilling tubes — in Winchester, Chesterville and Finch.

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