Choosing the right wedding reception favours

Choosing the right wedding reception favours

Planning a perfect wedding is no small undertaking. From scheduling venues and hiring vendors to tasting menus, lots of decisions must be made when planning a wedding. But when the pieces fall into place, the entire day can be magical.
One of the final components of weddings are the favours guests will take home with them as mementos of the festivities. Though favours don’t require immediate attention, that does not mean couples should wait until the last minute to made decisions regarding their wedding favours.
Brides- and grooms-to-be should not underestimate the importance of handing out wedding favours, a tradition with a rich history. A wedding favour is considered a symbol of good will to guests, and there are many different wedding favours on the market. Finding the right one can take a little work. It is usually a good idea to find something that suits the theme of the wedding and is both long-lasting and practical. Try to avoid anything that is too kitschy.
A couple’s budget should be considered when choosing wedding favours. A couple may want to give their guests lavish gifts but should only do so if their budget allows. It may be challenging for couples to find favours that fit the theme of their wedding, as well as their own personalities and budgets. But it can be done. The following are some favour-finding guidelines.

Be creative

Wedding favours can be just about anything, so there’s no need to stick to Jordan almonds or wine bottle stoppers. The more creative couples are, the more receptive their guests will likely be. For example, for an autumn-theme wedding, fill mason jars with the ingredients for a spiced cake and give the recipe directions on a tag. For a summer wedding, gift guests with a sun and surf survival bag, full of sunblock, a beach towel and sunglasses.

Complete the theme

Some weddings follow a particular theme from start to finish, and wedding favours should stick with that theme. Couples who will showcase their love of travel on their wedding days may want to give guests key chains or purse holders that feature popular landmarks around the world. Those who are admitted beach bums may want to present a small fishbowl with sand and a goldfish inside, reminiscent of days at the seashore.

Go traditional

Couples who opt for universally appealing favours can lean toward some popular options, such as silver cake servers, candlestick holders, decorative photo frames, or engraved keepsake boxes. Aim for favours that have utility. Otherwise, favours may end up collecting dust on someone’s shelf.

Food and beverage gifts are fun

Food favours mean guests can enjoy their gifts and not have to worry about finding space inside their homes to display trinkets. Food favours can be lavishly decorated cookies, fine chocolates, petite fours, small bottles of champagne or cupcakes decorated like the wedding cake.
Favours are often integral to wedding celebrations. Selecting a favour that will be appreciated and fit with the wedding is often a fun and stress-free part of planning a wedding.


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