Terrace Green B&B a good place to get ready for your ‘frugal wedding’

Annette Angus, proprietor at Terrace Green B&B, a great place to get dressed for your wedding. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

WINCHESTER — Terrace Green B&B isn’t just a nice place to stay overnight; it’s a comfortable morning or afternoon retreat for a wedding party in advance of the big ceremony.

And that’s especially true for brides and grooms that save money by getting married in their own back yard.

Terrace Green proprietor Annette Angus says more couples are foregoing the expense of the whole church-and-hall-rental approach and opting for an at-home wedding. In that case, Angus’s 10-year-old venue provides a beautiful off-site location for the bride and bridesmaids to catch a bit of respite and get ready.

“There’s no need to spend a ton of money on your wedding,” advises Angus, “and having a green, frugal wedding is a good way to go.”

“Your guests are there to see you get married, not to see a show.”

The ‘outdoor cathedral’ at Terrace Green B&B. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

The immaculate farmhouse at Terrace Green B&B becomes a calm, country sanctuary for a bride and her inner group to focus on “dressing and the makeup and the flowers,” says Angus, who also happens to be a professional certified bridal consultant.

Bridal parties also make use of the grounds as a great, pastoral spot for wedding photos.

The place will also host the entire home-style wedding if desired. Located on an old farmstead just west of Winchester on County Rd. 43, Terrace Green B&B can accommodate a crowd of 25 on the wraparound verandah of the large, white farmhouse. And there are two perfect spots for larger gatherings: The “Outdoor Cathedral” — as the proprietor calls it — is located in a meadow surrounded by pines, while another nearby charming area is aptly described as “Under the Pine Boughs.”

Angus also arranges catering through another highly regarded Winchester business, just up the road. “We work very closely with Winchelsea Events,” she says.

Welcoming guests from around the world, Terrace Green B&B was recently recognized by booking.com for its high customer ranking.

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