2017 SDG budget to collect 1.8 percent more, build three roundabouts

United Counties of SDG headquarters on Pitt Street, Cornwall. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

CORNWALL — The local government taking the largest share of your property-tax bill will collect a little more in 2017.

This year will also usher in the age of the traffic roundabout on County Rd. 2, where three of the circular intersections will go in at cost of  about $2.9 million — as part of the budget estimates reviewed yesterday (Feb. 22) by the Council of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG).

Overall, the 2017 SDG budget will generate approximately $44-million tax dollars, representing an inflationary increase of 1.8 percent — or $22 on the average residential property in SDG. That’s taking into account the average residential assessment rise of 0.5 percent over 2016.

Senior staff have been working on the draft document since the fall of 2016. The comprehensive budget also includes the estimated cost of services shared between SDG and the City of Cornwall, as well as estimates for services provided by external agencies, including policing (OPP) and the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

“County Council worked hard to develop a budget that balances increasing service needs and affordability,” said Warden Jim Bancroft. “The County continues to place a very strong emphasis on the maintenance and rehabilitation of its critical infrastructure, by making strategic investments in roads and bridges. The level of cooperation and coordination between the County and its local municipalities continues to grow, as evidenced by the approval of several key initiatives in the areas of GIS and waste management. These investments will pay dividends for our taxpayers in the coming years.”

Seventy-five percent of SDG tax revenues are derived from the residential property tax class, with transportation, policing, and health and social services accounting for 84 percent of all County expenditures.

Several key factors influenced the incoming 2017 budget. These included:

  • Finishing the year 2016 in a strong financial position;
  • The continued positive benefits of the implementation of a new OPP billing model in 2014;
  • Significant new assessment growth of over $500,000;
  • The loss of $277,000 in provincial funding through the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund, a decrease of 15 percent from 2016.

The budget also maintains SDG reserves of approximately $12.7 million.

Similar to previous years, SDG plans a significant capital program in 2017, including over $15.3 million on road and bridge infrastructure also covering those three planned roundabouts in South Stormont and South Dundas.

Township of North Dundas

  • County Road 1 from Cameron Road to Mountain ($602,000)
  • County Road 1 from Irish Headline Road to Sandy Row ($314,000)
  • Rehabilitation of Mountain Bridge, County Road 1 ($200,000)
  • County Road 3 from Lough Road to County Road 16 ($503,000)
  • Design for reconstruction of County Road 37 (Queen St.) in Chesterville ($60,000)
  • Design for rehabilitation of Marionville Bridge, County Road 7 ($60,000)

Municipality of South Dundas

  • County Road 2 from Binion Road to the Leeds/ Grenville Boundary ($748,000)
  • County Road 4 ($1,444,000)
  • Construction of a new Roundabout at intersection of County Road 1 and County Road 2 ($550,000)
  • Reconstruction of County Road 1 from County Road 2 to the Iroquois Locks ($540,000)

Township of North Stormont

  • Rehabilitation of Swale Brige, County Road 13 ($650,000)
  • Repairs to Berwick Bridge, County Road 9 ($50,000)
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation of the Crysler Bridge ($620,000)
  • Storm sewer rehabilitation in Berwick ($185,000)

Township of South Stormont

  • County Road 18 from County Road 11 to Osnabruck Centre ($825,000)
  • Reconstruction of County Road 2 through Long Sault, including the construction of a new roundabout at the intersection of County Road 2 and County Road 35 (Moulinette Road) and a new roundabout at the intersection of County Road 2 and County Road 36 (Milles Roches Road) ($2,355,000)

Township of North Glengarry

  • County Road 22 in the Village of Maxville ($250,000)
  • County Road 30 from County Road 43 to Kenyon Concession Road ($729,000)
  • County Road 34 from Power Dam Road to County Road 21 ($897,000)

Township of South Glengarry

  • County Road 17 from Williamstown to Lancaster ($740,000)
  • Repairs on County Road 17 between Williamstown and County Road 27 ($86,000)
  • Reconstruction of County Road 18 in Martintown ($538,000)
  • County Road 27 from North of Summerstown Station to County Road 19 ($1,027,000)
  • Repairs to Grey’s Creek Bridge, County Road 2 ($600,000)


  • Microsurfacing and Cracksealing on various County Roads ($714,200)


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