Board must reconsider recommendation to close R-O High School, says Deputy Mayor Hart

The Editor:

As the Deputy Mayor of the Township of South Stormont, I am writing this letter to convince the UCDSB to reconsider their preliminary decision on closing our only high school (Rothwell-Osnabruck) in our township.

Ninety-eight percent of the 45 municipalities in Eastern Ontario with a population greater than 10,000 have a high school.

The Township of South Stormont has a population of 13,110 from the 2016 stats. And we have a growth rate of four percent, the highest in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

Health services and education (schools) are the two main interests of residents who want to locate into any community.

Taking away our high school will have serious consequences, as I am sure you are aware of. Our future growth and our economy will be at stake.

There have been some significant developments in South Stormont, and there are further exciting projects on the horizon. We need our community schools in order to continue to grow our communities.

Parents, students, residences and businesses in our community have demonstrated to the UCDSB their strong concerns over your decision.

There is a passion and a need to stimulate, grow and sustain our livelihood.

We need our schools in order to grow our communities.

R-O Secondary should be an obvious choice; I respectfully request that when you, as elected officials get to make the final decision on March 23rd, that you will reconsider the recommendation made by superintendents.

Thank you,

Tammy A. Hart

Deputy Mayor of South Stormont

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