North Stormont highlights its second-highest population growth

The new Township of North Stormont logo featured on the municipality's revamped website.

BERWICK — The Township of North Stormont is growing, according to the first release of the 2016 Stats Canada Census data.

Since 2011, North Stormont grew by 1.4 percent, which translates into 98 new residents, the township highlights in a press release issued today.

The population of North Stormont, as of 2016, stands at 6,873 people.

Overall, the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry grew by two percent, and North Stormont notched the second largest percentage of growth out of the six lower-tier municipalities, trailing only South Stormont in population increase.

“North Stormont is growing and Township Council and Administration continue to work towards making North Stormont ‘A Good Place to Grow,'” said Economic Development Officer/Community Planner Amy Martin.

“When we compared our building permits and construction value over the past Census period, we saw a 64 percent increase in building permits for single family dwellings and an increase in construction value of 187 percent. Since 2011, four plans of subdivision have been approved, with a total of 159 lots either developed or available for development.”

Although the smallest municipality by population in the United Counties, North Stormont emphasizes that it nonetheless continues to grow.

In 2016, council adopted an Economic Development Strategic Plan that identifies business sectors the township can influence, assigns priorities and creates action plans to help further grow the local economy. Promoting economic growth and attracting new residents will only continue to strengthen North Stormont’s position in SDG and Eastern Ontario, according to the township.

“Having served on Council for over 18 years, I have watched the municipality grow” said Mayor Dennis Fife. “Our low cost of development and low tax rate continues to make North Stormont an ideal place to live and own a business. I look forward to welcoming more new residents and businesses in the years to come.”


Update: This article was edited to slightly increase North Stormont’s 2016 population to the correct figure, after the township re-issued its press release.

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