Timothy Christian School partners with Happy Face Nursery School on new before-and-after-school program

To debut Feb. 27

WILLIAMSBURG — Happy Face Nursery School has added a new before-and-after-school program location — at the Timothy Christian School (TCS) campus east of Williamsburg.

Established 42 years ago at a single Chesterville site, the not-for-profit nursery school operation has since branched out into before-and-after-school programs operating at school sites in Avonmore, Berwick, South Mountain, Winchester and Morrisburg.

Although typically based on school premises, the independent program serves children regardless of what school they happen to attend. For example, in Chesterville, the Happy Face program operates on the grounds of the local public school — but takes in children otherwise attending classes during the day at the village’s Catholic school as well.

Likewise, the new before-and-after school program at Timothy Christian School won’t be reserved for children associated with the non-denominational elementary school, as announced online today by TCS board chairperson Sharon Shuler“The before and after school program is available for all families – not exclusively TCS families. We are excited to open the facility of our school to serve the school community, and broader community of Dundas County and beyond. While TCS is opening the door of our facility for Happy Face Nursery School, it is very important to note that this is a separate option for any parent and is not connected to the school except for location.”

The new program will debut Feb. 27. Children 3.8 to 12 years old eligible to attend at a charge of $5 per hour per individual — from 6 a.m. until school starts in the morning, and from the end of the school day until 6 p.m. in the evening. Full-day daycare is not part of the package; only two Happy Face locations offer that service — Chesterville and South Mountain, according to Breckyn Fowler, community liaison for the nursery school.

Fowler said the new location will be listed on the Happy Face Nursery School website  as early as this weekend.

The rollout of the program follows months of planning and preparation, following a survey of parents conducted by TCS last year.


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