‘Fingerless Knitwits’ demonstrate knitting skills

by Lillian Flegg

Special to Nation Valley News

The Stormont Fingerless Knitwits, a 4-H knitting club, are recreating knitted garments from the 1860s. We are making knitted gloves for the Stormont County fair’s 150th anniversary and

Canada’s 150th birthday. We meet every Thursday in Ingleside. Two leaders and a volunteer are 11 Knitwits with their historic project. Some girls have finished and others are coming close. At one meeting we learned how to judge sock yarn, and another evening we learn about some patterns that our leaders have recreated. Every night host, Mrs. Rutley has made little treats for us to enjoy. We are going to dye yarn with lichen and flowers and try spinning fleece with a drop spindle.

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