Agricultural Forest Cover Committee established in SNC Watershed

SNC's Warwick Forest Conservation Area. Courtesy photo

FINCH— An outgrowth of concern about declining forest cover, an Agricultural Forest Cover Committee has been established with funding provided by 16 municipalities in the South Nation River Watershed. This Committee will help provide recommendations to municipalities and the South Nation Conservation (SNC) Board on management of forests on agricultural lands.

The 22-member committee, chaired by Jackie Pemberton, is made up of a majority of producers (17) as well as municipal representatives (5). The Committee is tasked with looking into issues around forest cover in Eastern Ontario and will be developing recommendations to help guide SNC and municipal decision-making.

Agriculture is the most predominant land use in Eastern Ontario and is a huge economic driver in the region. The instrumental role that local agricultural community plays in the economy necessitates a high level of collaboration required to address the management of forests, according to SNC.



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