Tape-a-Student-To-The-Wall on Thursday; Dundas Cup on March 24

by Alexis Henderson
Minister of Communications

Grade 12 students will be collecting bottles and cans door to door on Sunday, March 26 in the Winchester and Chesterville areas. This bottle drive will help decrease the cost of every North Dundas grade 12 students’ Prom ticket.

You won’t want to miss Paint Night at North Dundas DHS! The date is changed to early April (more details to follow next week). There is room for 20 people and it will be $40 per person; an online registration will be available shortly. This is a Prom Fundraiser for grade 12 students, so come on down and show your artistic side with our Principal Brenda Beaudette as the artist!

Tape-A-Student-To-The-Wall will be happening on Thursday, March 23 during secondary lunch. Students and staff can purchase pieces of Duct Tape for $2 up to, and including, Thursday, March 23. Brandon Scheepers and Brett Lannin are the two students who will be taped to the cafeteria wall to help lower the cost of this year’s Prom tickets. The object of this fundraiser is to have the students stand on a chair and have them taped to the wall. Then the chair will be removed and they will be stuck on the wall.

We will be hosting the Dundas Cup on Friday, March 24 which will include both hockey and figure skating. More details to come next week.

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