My African initiative

Pastor Silas Owiti-Oduor

by Dale P. Bequette

This year in late February or early March, I was supposed to go on a mission trip to a place called Yogo, Kenya in Africa with a friend. It would have been for me a once in a lifetime trip  and the furthest away from home I would have ever been. As we got closer to actually finalizing details and arrangements I had become very aware that Kenya and other parts of Africa were experiencing drought, going into the second year. I had also become aware that this village called Yogo after experiencing a number of years of improvements in quality of life and faith was needing to find a way to hold on and stabilize. I and my friend did not go and instead donated much of the money we would have spent on our trip to help out the village project and the Pastor who oversees the project.

I still hope to go there in the near future, I have learned a lot about that part of Africa and have found that we here in North America can learn a lot from being in relationship with the people from there. I always thought I would like to go to Africa some day and experience the culture there. Having no idea as to where or when. A couple of years back at the International Plowing Match held in Finch, Ontario, I came across a venue that displayed an organization called that was partnering up churches and organizations from North America with villages in Africa with an emphasis on building relationships and sustainable development. Needless to say, it tweaked my curiosity and I have been studying the people, the organizations involved and the results. I have been able to get to personally know many of the key players, including Pastor Silas from Kenya who is church planting and oversees community development in the Yogo area. I have new friends and a brother and family in   a village in Africa now.

Overall I am amazed at how many lives have been touched and changed for the better there and here. Relationships have been forged that will last a lifetime and into eternity. It is amazing how far the resources have been leveraged and how much has been accomplished since 2008. The people there have taken ownership of their churches, their community and their schools.They also are very honoured to have us come to visit and work alongside them.

If you would like to learn more about sustainable community development, relationship building and how we can mutually benefit from partnerships in third world countries, check out these web sites: and


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