$90,000 Trillium Grant awarded to the Crysler Community Center

CRYSLER– Improvements are coming to the Crysler Community Centre in celebration of Canada’s 150th.

In honour of the 150th celebrations, the Trillium Foundation established a grant program that focused on providing capital improvements to spaces where Ontarians can come together, celebrate, create, play, explore, learn and support one another.

North Stormont was granted $90,000 to go towards capital improvements at the Crysler Community Centre, including accessibility improvements and replacing the existing roof. “I am pleased to see the efforts by North Stormont and the community to expand and improve the Crysler Community Centre supported through this Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant,” states MPP Jim McDonell. “Communities across rural Ontario rely on well-maintained and accessible activity hubs. This grant will help the Crysler Community Centre expand its reach and services to more residents of the area, as well as carrying out essential preventive maintenance in order to preserve the structure for generations to come.”

The funds will be used to help offset the cost to the Township that are needed to undertake the improvements. “Our community centres are an important part of our Township” commented Mayor Dennis Fife. “This grant is an investment in our capital infrastructure and in our community. I am thrilled that the Trillium Foundation has selected North Stormont as a recipient of this funding program”. MPP McDonell presented the Ontario 150 grant at the March 14th Council Meeting, held in the Township’s Council Chambers.


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