Trustees must resign

The Editor:

In my opinion, not one person who voted for closure is fit to serve. You people are putting money and/or profits ahead of the needs of our children. OUR FUTURE. Your short sightedness is going to have devastating ripple effects on the towns & their economy & I find it VERY hard to believe that you could come up with no better solution than to close the schools. In fact, I saw with my own eyes several delegates come in & present some very good ideas to you, some of which were already proven successes. More importantly though was your unwillingness to try to exhaust all other solutions before displacing the students & having many of them shipped off to some make-shift temporary portable classroom. I’m not even going to get into the logistics, I just know that it is absurd & not cost effective on any level.

I said it before, & I say it again: Those of you voted for closure, you are unfit to serve. Please tender your resignations immediately. Those of you who fought to keep the schools open, I applaud you. You did the right thing & you are serving the greater good. Thank you for your commitment to our children & to what is Just & True. Your job now is to stave off this catastrophic blunder for as long as possible while you find forward thinking, solution driven individuals to replace the ones who voted against the children of our communities & to send delegates to Finland & other countries who are leading in education.

Education is everything. We’ve needed reform in this country since I was in high school in the ’80’s & it is LONG overdue. These are NOT the kinds of solutions that are going to pave the way towards a better tomorrow. Schools are supposed to be one of the cornerstones of any community. Why you people would vote to wound the communities that your friends & family members live in is just beyond me. You all know how much everyone opposes this. You all know how upset & angry everyone is with your decision. So please do the right thing, resign & let someone with inspiration & vision take your place & lead our people & our communities to a better tomorrow. Capitalism & the corporate business model should have NO place in the education system. Priorities need to be made & education needs to come FIRST.

If any of you wish to contact me to discuss my views, I am always available, but please bear in mind that I am a very busy man & have no time to waste & I am completely uninterested in entertaining any form of justification for your decision, ESPECIALLY in light of what I saw & heard at the one meeting I was privileged to attend. If however, you wish to discuss possible solutions, alternatives etc. I am at your service.

Thank you all for your time & consideration.

Jason Fryer
Guitarist – River City Junction
Producer – Tone King Records

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