Lynx trots through yard in Mountain

Courtesy photo by Mike Simzer.

MOUNTAIN — A lynx caught a couple of Mountain-area residents by surprise when the wild cat loped through their yard in broad daylight.

Mike and Jody Simzer spied the tall, tailless feline through the living room window of their Van Camp Rd. residence, in the Township of North Dundas, around 10 a.m. last Friday, March 31. Via Facebook Messenger, Jody told Nation Valley News that the lynx was going to cross the road but stopped when it saw and heard dogs. The animal then turned around “and went back into the bush.”

Mike grabbed a cell phone and captured a video clip of the visitor (below). The couple’s pet dog, Lacey, barks excitedly in the footage. “No, you’re not going out there with that thing loose,” Mike can be heard saying to the canine.


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