Seaway, Char-Lan students qualify for Canada-Wide Science Fair in Regina

Emytt Fetterly (left) a Grade 8 student at Seaway District High School, and Cullen St. Clair, a Grade 7 student at Char-Lan District High School, with their prizes and trophies earned at the recent United Counties of SDG Science Fair in Cornwall. They're now eligible to compete at the national fair in Regina.

CORNWALL — Two Upper Canada District School Board students have earned trips to the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Regina next month after qualifying at the 2017 United Counties Science Fair.

Emytt Fetterly, a Grade 8 student at Seaway District High School (SDHS), and Cullen St. Clair, a Grade 7 student at Char-Lan District High School (CDHS), both qualified after winning Outstanding Research Awards and other accolades at the local fair, hosted Saturday at St. Lawrence Secondary School  (SLSS).

Fetterly won for his project How Fast is Fast Acting Pain Reliever. The project tested three types of pain relievers – ibuprofen, acetomenophen and naproxen – in simulated stomach acid. The goal was to see which dissolved the quickest, provided the fastest relief and what medicine was best for different types of pain. He determined fast-acting ibuprofen was best for headaches, when immediate relief is sought, acetaminophen is best for mild to moderate pain, and naproxen’s delayed dissolution is best for muscle pain when long-lasting relief is sought. The SDHS student also won a Pommier Award for Excellence in Science.

St. Clair won for his experiment How Weight Affects Traction. The 12-year-old wanted to see if there was a better way for vehicles to gain traction on hills. He created a programmable Lego vehicle to simulate a front-wheel drive car and tested it by driving up a wooden ramp, both backwards and forwards, weighted and not weighted. Through the experiment, he proved the best way for front-wheel drive vehicles to gain traction to move up an incline – such as out of a ditch – is backwards. This is because the force of gravity acting on the front end of the vehicle, while in reverse, will give the front wheels more traction. St. Clair also won the MPiQC Trophy (Best in Electronics, Engineering or related field), the OACETT Trophy (Best in Applied Science) and the St. Lawrence College Technology and Trades Trophy (Best in Physical Science.)

Other winners at Saturday’s local fair included: Grace Graham, Glengarry District High School, Egg-ceptionally Clean, Outstanding Research Award, Pommier Award for Excellence in Science; Hafsa Akmal, Viscount Alexander Public School, Static Electricity, Outstanding Research Award; Aftab Cader, Viscount Alexander Public School, Voltaic Battery, Outstanding Research Award, Bowfin Environmental Consulting Award, Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association Trophy.

The Canada-Wide Science Fair will take place May 14-20 in Regina.


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