Cuddling dolls for comfort at the Dundas Manor

Lorna, a Dundas Manor resident, enjoys hugs and cuddles.

WINCHESTER — Introducing the Cuddle Corner

Who doesn’t like a good hug? Studies show that cuddling can be the coziest medicine, bringing comfort to those in need. For Dundas Manor residents, the new Cuddle Corner is a big hit. In fact, it has spread throughout the home.

“Holding a baby or petting a cat often has a calming effect,” explains Jennifer Hill, Activity Programs and Services Director. “We have incorporated the use of dolls and life-like cats into our activity programming and our residents love it.”

The program started when, volunteer Nanda Wubbs and her young daughters brought in dolls that they wanted to share with residents. “The connections between the residents and the children with their dolls was heartwarming,” notes Jennifer.

The program grew as more dolls and some life-like cats were purchased. “Families have also witnessed the benefits and comfort they see when their loved ones take part in this type of programming,” adds Jennifer. “We use them each and every day. They are spread throughout our home and you can often walk through the halls and see someone holding a baby or cuddling a cat.”

Dundas Manor’s commitment statement speaks to inspiring joy and happiness and the Cuddle Corner does just that.

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