‘Pro-active’ burn ban imposed in North Dundas via Ottawa

File photo of an open-air fire in Dundas County during the summer of 2016. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

WINCHESTER — North Dundas stands alone among SDG municipalities after imposing a “pro-active” burn ban now in effect until the middle of May.

By default, the township follows the lead of Ottawa’s fire service, where chiefs imposed the ban on open-air fires late last week. Effective April 12 through May 15, the measure was put in place as a “pro-active measure to mitigate fire risks as we transition into spring,” according to a letter from Paul Hutt, Ottawa Deputy Chief, Rural & Special Operations, posted on the township website.

Burn bans have been imposed in the past as a result of very dry or drought conditions. Announcing one proactively as a result of the simple change of season appears to be something of a policy shift.

South Nation Conservation jurisdiction in North Dundas technically remains under a flood outlook during what has been a fairly moist spring.

The sudden imposition of the burn ban via Ottawa policymakers comes just as North Dundas Council mulls a six-month restriction on large brush-pile fires. Under that controversial proposal, farmers have been assured a six-month window to burn piles during the colder months, right through the entire month of April, when burn bans were thought to be rare.

The current burn ban also prohibits outdoor campfires.


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