Levere celebrates over 26 years of service and dedication, at retirement party

MPP Jim McDonell, Janet Levere retiring Executive Director of the Williamsburg Non-Profit Housing Organization, and Mayor of South Dundas Evonne Delegarde. Smith photo.

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

WILLIAMSBURG — Overwhelmed with joy and sadness, Janet Levere, executive director for the J.W. MacIntosh Seniors’ Support Centre and other properties run by Williamsburg Non-Profit Housing, was honoured with a retirement party yesterday.

Friends, employees, tenants, board members, and distinguished guests were all gathered yesterday in celebration at the center. Janet has dedicated over 26 years of hard work and community service to Williamsburg Non-Profit Housing Organization, better known as the J.W. MacIntosh Senior’s Centre, and is now stepping down.

The Master of Ceremonies for the event was Levere’s incoming replacement, Tracy Crowder. Crowder has been shadowing Levere over the past few weeks to learn the ropes and get to know the many aspects of the position she is soon to acquire.

Crowder shared a few perks of retirement with Janet. “Your investments in health insurance will finally pay off…Your secrets are safe with your friends because they won’t remember them either!”

Vice Chair of the Board Corry Martins also had a few words to say about the retiree and her long career. “Janet has always said that she came with the building, which is almost true! The building has been here for 30 years and Janet just over 26.”

With this in mind the board wanted to honour Janet in a way last would stay with the building. Over the past few years Janet has organized a project known as a respite apartment, for seniors who are in the transitioning stage. So yesterday Martens and Laura Paas, a supervisor of the respite apartment, awarded Janet with a plaque. The unit will now be known as the “Janet Levere Respite Apartment”. A matching plaque will be put up on the wall in the respite apartment and remain there for years to come.


A few of the Personal Support Workers (PSWs) performed a skit derived from the “cups” scene from Pitch Perfect while signing You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone. Later, Levere expressed her thoughts on the skit: “That was beautiful and brought back a memory of this place. Years ago we were having a party open to the public. The weather was bad so the entertainment canceled on us but we had a hundred seniors coming so we had to think of something…We did came of with a skit where we made a pretend rum cake. It got lots of laughs and was is a great memory for me to look back on.”

She was elated by the huge turnout and grateful for everyone’s support and all she could say when asked about her thoughts about how the event turned out was, “Let’s eat cake!”

Levere doesn’t officially retire until next Friday, April 28th, and “there is still so much to be done…it’s a happy time but a busy time,” she said.


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