Hilson acknowledged for years with local food bank

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

WILLIAMSBURG — Nothing says “thank you” like sharing a good pot of chili, sandwiches, delicious desserts, with friendly company. Today the Community Food Share did just that. In honour of National Volunteer week, the organization hosted their annual Volunteer Appreciation Lunch, at the Christian Reformed Church in Williamsburg.

They celebrated not only their generous volunteers, but also Judy Hilson and her 25 years of selfless dedication.

Although a yearly event, the luncheon “most likely wouldn’t have taken place this year if it weren’t for Judy giving her resignation,” announced Ian McKelvie, administrator for the Community Food Share. “We wanted to acknowledge Judy for all of her contributions and hard work,” said McKelvie, of the retiring food bank coordinator.

A survey was sent out a few months ago to the many volunteers about their thoughts on the annual occasion, and the response was pretty “split down the middle,” explained the administrator.

In McKelvie’s opinion the celebration of Hilson’s career was needed and the volunteers recognized as well. They are “counted on week to week,” they are the “driving force” and a “big thank you” is owed to them, he said. They could “never afford to hire” someone to replace what their volunteers have done.

Current Chair of the team, Terry Triskle, was the master of ceremonies for the occasion. He introduced several distinguished guests: Deputy Mayor of North Dundas, Gerry Boyce; Mayor of South Dundas, Evonne Delegarde; and past chairs Brenda Millard and Diana Pathick.

Boyce commenced the speech portion and wanted to “thank his next door neighbour [Hilson] … for all she’s done.”

Diana Pathick was more than honoured to speak on the honoree’s behalf. “I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so stubborn,” she joked. “And by that I mean someone who could overcome so many obstacles and difficulties.” “We wish you the very best and know you will be involved in some manner with the Food Bank,” added teary-eyed Pathick.



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