Like Trump, Tory leadership frontrunner wants to milk dairy farmers and Canadians

The Editor: 

Maxime Bernier is currently working to dismantle the supply management system in Canada, calling it “a tax on milk.” He claims that Canadians pay $300 to $400 too much for dairy products over a single year. He claims that dismantling the supply management system in Canada will save consumers money in the long run.

Maxime’s plan for dismantling the quota system is this: He will drop the price of milk, eggs, chicken and turkey immediately. Then he will apply a tax to those items, and use those tax dollars to pay back farmers for the quota they have bought. Once the quotas have been paid back to the farmers, he claims he will drop the price of those food items.

You, the consumer, currently pay $4.27 for your bag of milk. Under Maxime’s plan, you will pay the same because he will drop the price of milk, and then apply a tax. You will pay today’s price for milk OR MORE. (He is literally creating a tax on milk.)

Then he wants us to believe that once thirty billion dollars have been paid back across Canada, he will drop the price and stop collecting that tax from you.

I will just stop here and ask: When was the last time the government stopped collecting a tax from anyone? When was the last time the government said to you “Oh, thank you, but we have enough money! You keep that money for yourself!”

Maxime’s plan to dismantle the Canadian supply management system will show no relief to the consumer, as we can clearly see with American food products. You will continue paying the same amount under Maxime’s plan with this key difference: Dismantling supply management will kill rural Canada.

Dismantling supply management will give all the major processing plants a free excuse to build massive multi-thousand cow dairies in their own back yards. This will put all small farmers in Canada out of business, and allow huge corporations to push the small Canadian farmer out.

My family is supported by a small family farm. My husband milks eighty cows twice a day with his father. We are surrounded by friends and neighbors who also run small family farms. Dismantling supply management will do no favors for your family, but it will tear apart mine. Please share the hell out of this and make sure this man does not take money from Canadian farmers to put in his own pocket.

Amanda Woeldike-Pollock
Winchester Springs

Editor’s note: Candidate Kevin O’Leary, who had voiced support for supply management, exited the race today and threw his support behind Maxime Bernier— turning the avowed supply management foe into the presumed frontrunner for the federal Conservative leadership.

Woeldike-Pollock also supplied the following graphical images comparing prices in Kemptville with equivalent items photographed at a grocery store in Watertown, NY, this week.


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