The “Green Gang” getting down and dirty on ‘Parliament Hill’

Seen in photo above: Virginia Patenaude of the 'Green Gang" - Smith photo.

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News 

CHESTERVILLE — The sun is out and the tulips are in full bloom on ‘Parliament Hill’. Virginia Patenaude, long time member of the ‘Green Gang’ and her daughter Nickie Patenaude and Bernard Patenaude, spent their Friday afternoon sprucing up the grand flower bed on ‘Parliament Hill’ as the townies call it.

The Green Gang has been around since just after the ice storm of 1997. Patenaude says that many of its “members are getting older and tired” and the ‘gang’ is looking for “younger volunteers” to join in their efforts.

Seen in photo above: Mother and daughter, Virginia and Nickie Patenaude. – Smith photo

Tulips on ‘Parliament Hill’. – Smith photo

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