‘Pride’ of local business at it’s best, at the North Dundas Local Expo

Pride in a job well done, at the local business expo, says letter writer

Dear Editor,

There’s pride — and then there’s pride in a job well done, last Saturday’s North Dundas Business Expo 2017, a case in point.

As one of the participating groups, not only did we enjoy visiting the many vendors and businesses that exhibited, we also had fun meeting and chatting with people–including a genuine old-time cowboy who still rides and keeps horses!

We were especially proud to present a full slate of some of the area’s best musicians, who came out to entertain the crowds: Cory M. Coons, Lynda Craig, Ken Julien, Brian McAuley, Rick Ventrella with Maggie Reid and Didi Bradette, Amanda Veryl, and Gordon Wall.

We also wanted to thank Shane Freeman who helped with sound, and organizer and president of the North Dundas Chamber of Commerce, Rachel Potvin and her team, who put on, what turned out to be, one of the biggest social events and business successes seen out here in many years!

Ann Brady
Co-Chair, North Dundas Arts Council
Winchester, Ontario

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