Bear visits Boucks Hill

Courtesy photo.

BOUCKS HILL — Local Dundas Agri-Systems employee Daniel Van Gilst snapped this furry visitor sauntering across a Boucks Hill field yesterday.

Van Gilst said the black bear was “directly south of my house in the clearing, under the Hydro towers.”

He said that a neighbour saw the bear a day earlier as well.

Van Gilst added that his father noticed the bear’s tracks in the area last week.

Hoping to get a photo of the bear, Van Gilst went out yesterday to set up a trail camera, but was surprised to catch a glimpse of the beast in real life.

“I didn’t think I’d actually see it,” he exclaimed.

“Everybody says it’s a pretty good-sized bear.”

There was “only 200 feet of open space between me and the bear. I didn’t want to get closer.”

Van Gilst also supplied this Google Map image, pinpointing the animal’s location at the time.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

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