Furry visitor strolls across Morrisburg yard

A security camera captured this bear at Bill and Laura Harbers's place on Deeks Road, South Dundas.

MORRISBURG — A Morrisburg-area homeowner was surprised to capture video of a black bear strolling across his family’s lawn late Saturday evening.

Bill Harbers said he went outside to check on the fire pit in the back yard of his Deeks Rd. home when he heard “a large animal crash through the shrubs by the deck and only caught a glimpse” of the creature as it ran away.

“My first thought was of a bear but it seemed unlikely,” Harbers said via Facebook messenger. 

With eight security cameras around his home, he immediately checked the footage, and sure enough, one of the devices captured the bruin around 10:40 p.m. “At the beginning of the video, it’s eating bird seed from a feeder, then walks to the hummingbird feeder for the sugar water.”

As it turned out, Harbers and family were not gathered around the fire while under the watchful eye of a furry backyard visitor lurking in the darkness. Although the fire was lit, they enjoyed a barbecue instead, he said.


Nation Valley News also reported on a black bear sighting in Boucks Hill last week.


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